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A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity: an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty. Winston Churchill

Gavin Lumsden’s recently launched initiative to get the nation saving in order to improve their future financial security prospects and reduce their reliance on the State, is something the whole financial services sector should get wholeheartedly behind in my view. Particularly in view of the upcoming review of the benefits system and the already announced …

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Imagination is more important than knowledge Albert Einstein

Given my fondness for quotations and my admiration for Winston Churchill, I thought I would slip in a “bonus” quote of the week to commemorate the 70th anniversary of one of his most famous speeches: Never in the field of human conflict, was so much owed by so many, to so few. Winston Churchill, 70 …

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Do you need a Board of Directors? Before you dismiss the idea, I’m not necessarily talking about a formal fully mandated board structure with it’s sub committees in the true sense, as required of every incorporated business in the UK, but could some sort of “Advisory Board” help you to make better, more informed decisions …

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Embrace the reality that you can’t work with everyone John Bowen, CEG Worldwide.

I’ve just got back from a great week away with Sue in a cottage by the River Dee in Scotland, not far from Balmoral. Our eldest daughter, Natalie, and her husband Grant were also able to join us for a few days whilst we were there which was a real bonus. The highlight of the …

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When customers act as references, they do more than indicate that they have received good economic value from a company; they put their reputation on the line. Frederich Reichheld, The Only Number You Need to Grow.

CapGemini, in association with Merrill Lynch Global Wealth Management, recently published their 2009 World Wealth Report, a global study of the growth in the number and wealth of individuals classed as High or Ultra High Net Worth. Whilst it’s easy to get lost in the plethora of data the report provides some fantastic insights into …

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All “Good to Great” companies began the process of finding the path to greatness by confronting the brutal facts of their current reality Jim Collins, Good to Great.