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Passionate about your business

How should you price your services? This is an area that has seen much debate for some time now around the right level of fees and whether hourly rates really do work in this sector. There is a balance to be struck. Price your services too high and you won’t get the business; price them …

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“Not everyone is able to appreciate value and therefore, we are better using our talents with those who can”. John Niland

Imagine I’m at a cocktail party at which I happen to be speaking to a small group of your very best clients. It soon becomes apparent that we all know you professionally and the clients concerned start to sing your praises. Never one to let such an opportunity pass me by, I decide to drill …

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“Wow! = delight, dazzle and astound John Bowen

In the current climate there seems to be a huge gulf between, at one end, those advisers who are seeing their business revenue, client numbers and profitability grow and at the other, those struggling to attract new clients, service existing clients effectively and pay the bills, never mind make profit. One adviser I met recently …

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“Designing your product for monetisation first and people second, will probably leave you with neither”. Tara Hunt, HorsePigCow

This week’s blog is the first in a series of articles I am writing for Money Marketing/Adviser Evolution designed to provide helpful, practical insights into the key ingredients required to deliver a consistently outstanding client experience, with the emphasis on outstanding. You can read it here. I hope it provides food for thought.

“Drive thy business, or it will drive thee”. Benjamin Franklin