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A year from now, don’t wish you had started today. Anon

I have just finished reading “Whoops! Why everyone owes everyone and no one can pay”, by John Lanchester. Totally brilliant. A must read (and no I am not on commission or part of any affiliate arrangement). John is a journalist and author who in his book “Cityphilia” published at the beginning of 2008 predicted a …

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Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail. Ralph Waldo Emerson

Having a client review service that you can deliver consistently and profitably is key to sustaining and growing your recurring revenues. In this webcast I outline the key questions that advisers should ask themselves when designing or refining their client review service in order to ensure that they can deliver reviews on time, every time, for …

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The FSA today launched their eagerly awaited consultation paper on RDR and the use of platforms CP 10/29. Download it here

The single most common question I get asked by advisers is “how can I find more, better quality clients?” Marketing seems to be an area many advisers struggle with. Marketing doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive, but it does require time, energy, commitment, persistence and a little creativity. If you expect instant results, you’ll …

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What actually provides competitive success and what is difficult to copy, is not so much knowing what to do – deciding the right strategy – but instead, having the ability to do it. Jeffrey Pfeffer/Robert Sutton, “Hard Facts, Dangerous Half Truths and Total Nonsense”

You might be interested in this short (5 min) video interview with Citywire which was released this afternoon in which I discuss with Iain Martin, whether advisers are focusing too much on exams and in doing so, whether they risk running out of time to get their business model in good shape for the adviser …

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Endless column inches have been devoted to “segmentation” over the last couple of years as advisers have wrestled with the challenges of identifying their most profitable client segments or niche and the prospect of disengaging sensitively and compliantly with lower value clients. One of the best examples of identifying a profitable niche that I am …

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In order to differentiate you must avoid the “curse of conformity” Jim Collins, “Good to Great”.