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Here lies a man who knew how to enlist the service of better men than himself Epitaph on the tombstone of Andrew Carnegie, Industrialist and Philanthropist

If there’s one thing, one key ingredient that many advisers lack when we start working with them its confidence. Confidence in their ability to adapt, survive and thrive in a post RDR Adviser charging environment. In effect a fear of the “fee” discussion I have had the privilege to work with some fantastic advisers over …

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He who arrives late must eat what is left Old Yiddish Proverb

Delighting your clients in order to retain their business and maintain their loyalty, by giving each client a personalised and memorable experience at every touch point will mean great things for your business including Lower client turnover Higher revenue per client Less time spent on marketing to find new clients More assets to manage for …

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Energy and persistence conquer all things Benjamin Franklin

Why is outstanding customer service so rare? Why is it apparently so hard to deliver? The quality of the client experience you provide to your clients has never been more important to the success and health of your business than it is today. The volatility and uncertainty of the last few years has shaken the …

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Stop doing lists are more important than to do lists Jim Collins, “Good to Great”

The problem with most adviser’s marketing is that they don’t do any! In this session I will help you to create a pragmatic, action focused and practical marketing plan for your business that doesn’t cost the earth and that you can realistically sustain over time. You’ll find out – Why most marketing plans gather dust …

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I wanted to use this week’s post to make you aware of the exciting launch of our new e-Newsletter for financial planners and advisers called Business Insights. We’d really like to include you as a recipient. To help you make an informed decision about whether our newsletter is likely to be worth reading, let me …

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Most of us would be much more successful if we would just consistently do what we already know needs to be done Unknown