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Passionate about your business

Is it possible to make an advisory business immune to the ups and downs of the economy? Maybe not completely, but there are strategies you can implement to make the economic cycle less of an issue for your revenue and profitability numbers. 1. Circle the Wagons Throw a “fence” around your clients. Customer loyalty is …

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Prepare: the time to win your battle is before it starts. Frederick W Lewis

Employee engagement is about “discretionary effort”. Employees who are highly engaged give more and are less likely to leave! Its as simple as that. The problem is that, according to research less than 20% of employees in a typical organisation are truly engaged. What’s more, engaged employees will have a more positive impact on the …

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People don’t want good service from me… they just want good service. Russ Hill, Halbert Hargrove.

Following last week’s post on the “obsession” with finding new clients, this week I want to explore why not having a clear and regular communications strategy with existing clients means you’re leaving significant revenue and profit on the table. Most marketing plans (and activity) focus on acquiring new clients. Few really leverage or maximise marketing …

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You sculpt your future with the vision you create, the decisions you make and the action you take.  

Many advisers are obsessed with the need to find more new clients (strangers as Seth Godin calls them). They see new clients as the key to growth. That’s understandable. I get it. However the problem with constantly seeking out new clients is that they can be difficult and time-consuming to convert and they can be …

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Most people give up, just when they’re about to achieve success. They quit on the one yard line… one foot from the winning touchdown. H. Ross Perot