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Clients either decide to buy, or decide not to buy your services. They decide to come back and buy again, or not buy again. They decide to recommend your business, or bad-mouth your business. The way you handle your client’s “moments of truth” determines the success of your business, the survival of your business and …

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People are influenced most by those they trust, admire and believe care for them. Bill Bachrach

When Jan Carlzon took over Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) the business was making multi-million losses and in worrying decline. In just 12 months he turned the business around. In one year earnings were up £60 million in a drastically slumping market where other international airlines collectively lost £1.5 billion. One of the key elements of Carlzon’s …

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You always need heroes, but if you celebrate firefighters, you get fires. Tom Searcy

Most advisers measure what they think is right (usually turnover and if you are lucky… profit) rather than measuring what matters most, i.e. the things that matter to clients. In 1994 Continental Airlines was failing… big time. It had filed for bankruptcy twice in the previous decade. Then they hired Gordon Bethune who simply got …

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Finding more, higher value, more profitable clients is one of the key challenges for advice businesses in today’s market. Indeed, probably the most common question I get asked during my work with advisers is “How can we attract more HNW clients?” The days of working with anyone who can fog a mirror are disappearing due …

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In our final video of the series I explore whether it’s possible to measure something that seems so intangible as “client experience” and provide an simple but effective framework and formula for doing so.

In this, the penultimate video in our 9 part series on delivering an outstanding client experience, I explore the role that outsourcing can play in helping you stay focused on delighting your clients, including the 4 keys to building successful relationships with your outsourced service providers.

In this video, part 7 of our 9 part series on delivering an outstanding client experience, I explore the importance of employee engagement in delivering outstanding client service, and the strategies you need to keep your people focused on doing just that.

In this, the 6th video of our 9 part series on how advisers and planners can deliver an outstanding client experience that will build client loyalty and trust, I examine the 4 key behaviours that build trust in the adviser/client relationship.