How we work with you

In order to make sure that there is a good fit between what you are looking for and the specific services we provide, we invest a considerable amount of time and effort getting to know more about your business before we agree to work together. This approach helps you to make an informed decision about whether we are the right firm for you to engage. Our client engagement process looks like this…

Step 1: Initial discussion

A 20 to 30 minute telephone discussion to establish the specific challenges and issues you are facing or looking to address and the kind of input, help and service you might need from us. If it appears there is a good fit, we will schedule step 2 to build our understanding.

Step 2: Build our understanding

We ask you to complete our comprehensive pre-consulting questionnaire which drills into more detail about where you are today, where you’d like to get to, what’s working well in your business and… what isn’t, across the whole of your business.

Step 3: Analysis and clarification

We analyse your responses to the questionnaire to help us understand more fully your “current reality” and the results you are looking to achieve. We also schedule a 1 hour telephone, video conference or face to face meeting to discuss your responses and our analysis. We will then outline specifically how we think we can help, what that involves and our fees.

Step 4: Engagement

Once you are happy with the level of consultancy input and support we suggest and the costs involved, we will prepare our formal paperwork for signature and schedule the first consultancy day to address the issues and challenges identified.

Step 5: Ongoing support

The nature of any long term and ongoing relationship you have with is is down to you. Whilst our impact will be greatest when delivered on an ongoing basis, we do not believe in locking people into a long term relationship, unless that is what they themselves want. We are happy to be judged by the difference we make. You can therefore base your decision about establishing an ongoing relationship with us, on the value you get from the initial consultancy day.