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IFA Online, 29th November 2013 – 14 questions to ask your clients

In this article, I explore how to establish what your clients need, want and value, from you as their adviser and includes 14 questions to ask them to really understand where you stand in their minds.

IFA Online 21st November 2103 – Six ways to defend your fees when clients haggle

In this article I outline 6 strategies and tactics to help you defend your fees when you come under pricing pressure from your clients.

IFA Online, 20th November 2013 – The 3 consequences of setting your fees too low

In this article, I explore the impact that setting your fees will have on you, your business and your clients.

IFA Online, 28th August 2013 – Profitable Practice Management Part 9 – Video

In this, the final video I talk about how to establish the right management information to measure what really matters. The information that tells you how well your business is really doing.

IFA Online, 15th August 2013 – Profitable Practice Management Part 8 – Video

In this, the penultimate video in the series, I explore how, against a backdrop of rising client expectations, you can ensure that you exceed their expectations every time.

IFA Online, 9th August 2013 – Profitable Practice Management Part 7 – Video

In the next video in this 9 part series I look at the best ways to find out what your clients need, want and value and provide 14 questions you can use to establish their reasons for using and staying with you.

IFA Online, 1st August 2013 – Profitable Practice Management Part 6 – Video

In this video I outline 6 specific strategies that you can use to defend your fees and resist discounting when pressured to do so by clients.

IFA Online, 24th July 2013 – Profitable Practice Management Part 5 – Video

In this video I look at why the “market price” is irrelevant and the harmful consequences of setting your fees too low.

IFA Online, 16th July 2013 – Profitable Practice Management Part 4 – Video

In video 4 I look at the 4 key ingredients for success (which I refer to as the 4 C’s)  for an advisory practice.

IFA Online, 8th July 2013 – Profitable Practice Management Part 3 – Video

In this video, I look at how to make sure that you execute your plan effectively.

IFA Online, 5th July 2013 – Profitable Practice Management Part 2 – Video

In this the second video in the Profitable Practice Management series, I explore how to set appropriate operational goals for your business for the next 12 months.

IFA Online, 24th June 2013 – Profitable Practice Management Part 1 – Video

The first of 9 videos commissioned by Threadneedle Asset Management on Profitable Practice Management. This video looks at the essential core components of a strategic plan.

Money Marketing, July 2011: Exceeding Client Expectations: 

Customer expectations are changing and many could be asking themselves if they are with the right adviser, so how can you ensure you exceed the expectations of your clients. In short, by really “connecting” with them. This article explores how. Read more

Adviser Hub, 2nd August 2011: Outsourcing:

This article looks at the range of functions which can be considered for outsourcing an the benefits that finding the right outsourcing partner can bring to you and your business. Read more

IFA Online, July 2011: Variability… enemy number 1?:

In this article I explore how trying to please everyone can be your downfall. Tailoring your services to an infinite degree can be a virtue, but beware… it can lead to chaos. Read more

Adviser Hub, Turning Prospects into Clients:

Turning prospects into clients requires you to adopt a range of strategies to ease them through the process. Whether you start with a “virtual” relationship through social media or your website or in a face-to-face environment, creating an effective “marketing funnel” is the key to generating a consistent flow of enquiries. Download PDF

Adviser Hub, Communicating with the Media:

In the final article of this mini-series on the Power of PR, we turn our attention to which publications to target and how to communicate effectively with the media. Download PDF

Adviser Hub, Creating a Compelling Press Release:

In this article, we take a look at how to write a compelling press please. To avoid being consigned to the wastepaper bin, it is important to get the layout of your press release right. Download PDF

Adviser Hub, Common PR Mistakes and Setting PR Objectives:

In this article, we look at the seven most common mistakes people make when trying to obtain PR coverage and also how to set sensible PR objectives. Download PDF

Adviser Hub, How to make effective use of PR:

This is the first in a series of articles in which I will be provide some practical insights, tips and pointers on how you can use PR – public relations – effectively, to build your credibility and reputation with the types of client you are trying to attract. Download PDF

Adviser Hub, The 3 Rules of Marketing Communication:

It is somewhat perverse that firms often only “do marketing” when they need to increase their flow of new enquiries. In reality such sporadic forays into marketing are unlikely to be effective. Marketing activity has to be consistent and sustained really to work. And when it comes to developing compelling marketing communications copy – whether it is your brochure, website, email marketing campaign, direct mail letter or whatever – there are a few simple rules to follow. Download PDF

Adviser Hub, Aligning your People is Critical:

Getting the best from your staff in terms of “discretionary effort” isn’t always easy, but there are some key steps you can take to ensure that your people are aligned with your business goals and engaged in terms of helping you achieve them. Download PDF

Adviser Hub, A Feeling of Confidence:

Instilling in your clients a feeling of confidence about their financial future is fundamental to the typical adviser proposition. How clients feel about what you do for them is a powerful driver and this article explores the importance of engaging with client emotionally. Click here

Adviser Hub, Effective Execution:

The best plan in the world is useless if you don’t execute or implement effectively. These top ten tips will help you to stay focused and overcome the key stumbling block of poor follow through. Click here

Adviser Hub, Moments of Truth (2) – First impressions:

You only get one chance to make a good first impression. This article outlines how you can explain to clients what you do, how you do it and what value you add to their situation in a consistent and compelling way. Click here

Adviser Hub – 5 tips for more effective meetings:

How many meetings do you go to that achieve very little (if anything)? Here are a 5 top tips for making your meetings more effective. Don’t let a shoddy meeting culture hold you back. Click here

Adviser Evolution, September 2010 – Outstanding Room Only:

Insights into the key ingredients required to deliver a consistently outstanding client experience… with the emphasis on outstanding.     Download pdf

Adviser Evolution, October 2010 – A Question of Service:

How does any financial adviser establish what elements of their service a client does or does not value. Try this revolutionary approach… ask them!       Download pdf

Adviser Evolution, November 2010 – The Genuine Article:

The most effective way to differentiate your service and to deliver genuine value to clients is through the quality and nature of the relationship. This article explores the five factors that contribute to clients becoming “raving fans” and advocates of your business.      Download pdf

Marketing Hub – Characteristics of an attractive niche:

Learn what makes a particular client niche attractive and profitable.     Download pdf

Marketing Hub – Finding Ideal Clients:

The single most common question I am asked by advisers is “How can I find more, better-quality clients?” Marketing certainly seems to be an area many advisers struggle with but it doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive.      Download pdf

Marketing Hub – The “Real World” Marketing Plan:

Most small businesses do not have the time, budget, expertise or resources to create a textbook marketing plan. They need something affordable, practical, pragmatic and workable – a plan that only includes information that will drive activity. Here it is!      Download pdf

Marketing Hub – Moment of Truth 1:

In my time working with advisers I have come to realise there are key “moments of truth” in the relationship between adviser and client. In this article I explore just one of these – what do you do?     Download pdf

Marketing Hub – 5 steps to more referrals:

Most advisers accept referrals are one of the most effective methods of growing their business yet many still struggle to ask for and/or obtain good-quality referrals. Furthermore, few include a structured referral generating process as part of their day-to-day marketing activity. Amazingly, some advisers just never ask and are leaving revenue on the table and their business growing more slowly than it otherwise might.     Download pdf

Marketing Hub – Is variability the enemy of quality?:

In many advice businesses the way advice is delivered and the type of service received is often likely to be highly variable and based principally around which adviser the client happens to be working with. Such ‘variability’ results in an unpredictable and inconsistent client experience, which adds little in terms of brand value and can even undermine the key marketing messages and values the business is trying to operate with.     Download pdf

Marketing Hub – Successful Differentiation:

You cannot fit in and stand out at the same time. It’s impossible. In the same way, differentiating your service offering is extremely difficult. How can you successfully differentiate your services when the ‘what’ and the ‘how’ of delivering advice to clients is evolving but at the same time becoming commoditised.    Download pdf

Marketing Hub – Creating long-term client relationships:

The key to sustainable differentiation is the creation of a positive and distinctive professional relationship with clients. Unfortunately, as happens socially, relationships tend to get taken for granted – nevertheless, in reality, relationships don’t just ‘happen’.    Download pdf

IFA Online – Execution:

Many advisers struggle to implement their strategy effectively, whether that be their marketing strategy, their overall business strategy or their Business Model Transformation strategy. In this article I explain the key requirements to ensure that you can execute effectively. Read more

IFA Online – Segmentation and the characteristics of an attractive niche:

This article looks at why it’s important to segment  and how to identify attractive and profitable segments to work with. Read more

IFA Online: Step by step guide to setting up a business:

An article in Professional adviser in which we are extensively quoted, focused on the key things to consider when striking out on your own. Read more

Marketing Hub: Top ten tips for effective execution:

Are you stuck in a quagmire of doubt, inaction, distraction and planning that’s stopping you from moving forward? Check out these tips to help you overcome the barriers to developing your business. Read More