Retail Distribution Review Emergency Implementation Toolkit

The Retail Distribution Review Emergency Implementation Toolkit provides real practical help to adapt your business model to meet RDR requirements, in an easy to understand, easy to implement, step by step format.

Anecdotal evidence suggests that many advisers have been so focused on attaining QCA Level 4 and gap filling requirements, that changes to their business model simply haven’t been implemented. Many advisers also seem overwhelmed by the volume of materials they’ve accumulated (from attending countless roadshows, workshops and conferences), that they simply don’t know where to start.

With a matter of months left to the RDR implementation deadline, making the required changes will be a challenge . Not because it’s difficult or intellectually challenging… but because it takes time. More time than you might think. So my question to you is… if not now… when?

We have helped and continue to help literally dozens of advisory firms of all shapes and sizes, from single adviser businesses to large multi adviser, multi location national IFA brands to get the key fundamental RDR requirements in place. These fundamentals are common to every firm we’ve worked with.

Why many advisers are stuck

The difference between those firms who are genuinely RDR ready and those who aren’t, is down to just one thing… EXECUTION: the effective implementation of each step of the journey in the right way and in the right order. That’s what the RDR Emergency Implementation Toolkit will help you to do.

You see, most of the support that’s available to advisers focuses on the concepts and the theory and that’s where this toolkit is different, because as well as providing the background to each of the key steps, it is focused on providing practical implementation tools.

One to one consultancy programmes covering the key concepts typically cost in excess of £6,000, often much more. The RDR Implementation Toolkit gives you all the content of our one to one “Beyond RDR” Coaching Programme for just a fraction of that investment.

The other key differentiator between our implementation toolkit and other solutions is that we’ve taken a modular approach rather than asking you to buy into an “all or nothing” solution. So if you only need help with developing your client proposition or how to communicate your value effectively, you can just purchase the relevant module. Why pay for tools you don’t need? Each module costs just £150.00 + VAT. If on the other hand you need help across all the key areas you can purchase all six modules for just £725 + VAT, a significant discount to the cost of all six modules purchased separately.

What you get

The RDR Implementation Toolkit includes comprehensive consultancy guides on the following issues

  • Segmentation – the key to profitable clients
  • Creating your compelling client proposition
  • Adviser Charging – moving from “free” to fee
  • Effectively positioning your services with new prospects
  • Creating a consistent client review process to lock in your recurring revenue
  • Repositioning your relationship with existing clients
Each guide includes a comprehensive list of “actions for implementation” together with all the tools and templates you need to effectively implement each step of the process.

How do I know it will work?

It won’t, unless you personally commit to implementing each of the steps we’ll cover. If you don’t want to do that, please don’t buy this. You’ll be wasting your money. This is only for those who are serious about making the changes required. If you are prepared to commit and to diligently execute and implement each step, this toolkit can transform your business. One of our existing clients, who did make that commitment to implement, has

  • Grown recurring revenue to 79% of total revenue
  • Developed clear and compelling service propositions that clients value and are happy to pay for
  • Stopped taking on new proposition clients with less than £250,000 of investable assets
  • More than doubled AUM (in a flat market)
  • Increased AUM per client by over 900% (no, that’s not a typo)
  • Increased Recurring Revenue per client by over 1000% (nor is that)
  • Rediscovered their passion for what they do and belief in the value they add

As the owner of that business himself says…

“If you are serious about getting your business RDR Ready, I can only say, Steve’s ideas, tools and templates work. We’re living proof.”

Some of our IFA clients think we’re mad. They’ve said so. They think that we are giving away our expertise too cheaply. Maybe they’re right. Maybe we are. But the key driver for launching the RDR Implementation Toolkit is to help as many advisers and planners as possible to implement a business model that will be fit for purpose post RDR at a cost that is affordable to every single firm in the UK. Why? Because I am genuinely concerned that there are still many many advisers who need help in this area and for whom one to one consulting isn’t a viable option. And even if it were, there just isn’t enough time to take large numbers of advisers through that process.

To find out more about the RDR Emergency Implementation toolkit click here.