Client Segmentation Report

Client Segmentation is the cornerstone of any business yet many advisers have yet to accurately segment their client database in any meaningful way beyond simply by recurring revenue to the firm.

Client segmentation requires more information about your client than assets under advice or recurring revenue. It’s about identifying those clients who have the potential to buy more in the future.

Segmentation has been seen as hard to do by many advisers because:

  • It’s time consuming
  • Defining workable/sensible segments can be challenging
  • It can be too subjective due to the narrow and possibly out of date understanding of a client’s situation due to lack of regular contact
  • The reality is you don’t know what you don’t know about many of your existing clients

Our Client Segmentation Report can take all the legwork, time and data analysis out of the segmentation process and provide you with a detailed individual client level breakdown of your client database and identify:

  • 13 distinct segments clustered in order of value/attractiveness
  • the segments that you’ve typically had most success with and their characteristics
  • which clients sit in which segments
  • which “dormant” clients should be actively re-engaged with
  • which clients you should seek to disengage with because they are not profitable and lack potential

To find out more about this highly accurate, reliable and cost effective service, please contact me and I will be happy to talk you through the contents of the report in more details, explain what it tells you and how you can use it.

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