Many thanks for yesterday, hard work at times, exhausted by the evening but your clarity, insight and patience is invaluable as always.

Dominic Spalding, Expert Wealth Management

Without the work you did with me, I don’t think I would have been able to turn things around and get to the position that I am in today.  I can’t say thank you enough for that.

James Etheridge, Focused Financial Planning

The connection I made with a small Manchester accountant is progressing nicely with the first test cases commencing in the next few weeks. He decided he will ask his best client who has a £6m turnover business!

The point of my e-mail is that whilst his firm is very creative and appears to offer a good service to clients, their processes are light years behind ours. The simple fact that I had produced documents addressing his concerns, outlining the synergies and how we would shape our relationship in the future impressed him on their own. When I also showed him examples of our meeting notes and reports it would be fair to say that he was very impressed.

As Financial Planners (particularly ones that have worked with a good business consultant like SB) we need to appreciate jut how far ahead we are of the other professions in terms of process and professionalism. I now have the confidence that if I can get in front of the right firms (small ones in my case) and follow the blueprint we have a good chance of success.

Thanks for your continued help.

Mark Ferris, Entrust Financial Planning

An initial leap of faith has been rewarded massively. The content of the course (Professional Partners Success Blueprint) is logical, inspirational and very easy to follow and digest. Being provided in bite size chunks and allowing me the opportunity to revisit as often as I like takes the stress completely out of learning (trying to understand & remember) and the fact that all tools are provided is a real boon! I would heartily recommend this course to anyone who wants to become better at what they do.

Mark Cooper, Moneywise Financial Managenment

Thanks Steve, I’ve found it (Professional Partners Success Blueprint) very useful and I like your style of delivery.  I’m now going to block some time out in my diary over the next 3 weeks to go through each of the presentations again and then immediately put together my action plan & DO IT!  Hope to speak to you with some positive results in about a month’s time.

Jim Cooper, Cooper & Associates Wealth Management

Hi Steve, I have got great value from the programme (Professional Partners Success Blueprint). It was easy to follow, well presented and very concise. The tools and materials are superb and make setting up this strategy as easy as possible. I found success with this within the first week.

Mark Ferris, Entrust Financial Planning

Hi Steve – thanks very much for the session – very useful and thought provoking. Looking forward to receiving the supporting documents!

Lisa Johnstone, VWM Wealth

Found this first webinar very informative and this has come at a great time for our business as we have made the decision to invest money & time into building a bank of introducers. This will kick start our campaign and provide the framework we need to be successful.

Plenty of good material & suggestions especially the ‘upfront contracting’ which I can see the benefits. Thanks for the inspiration from the programme.

Richard Houghton, Retirement Solutions (UK) Ltd

Loving the “roadmap” you are sharing with us and especially the tools and documentation that goes with it. You are clearly going the extra mile which is exactly what we need to be doing.  Well done and thank you!

Mark Cooper, Moneywise Financial Management

Great session, good structure that I think we will be able to use. Thank you for a well thought out, practical programme. I will be using it to formulate a plan.

Mark Barr, Woodward Markwell

Thoroughly enjoyed the first session and looking forward to beginning implementation of your ideas. This will help get over the biggest problem most of us have – namely taking the first step and gaining some momentum. (after session 1 of the Professional Partners Success Blueprint programme)

Thanks for another excellent PPSB session this morning. It was highly practical with lots of useful takeaways to help us get strated working with professionals (after session 2)

Martin Turbin, Turbin Wealth Management

An excellent start, both to the programme and to the week ahead. Thought provoking, yet reassuring in that we already have the ability and experience to break into this market and now, I believe, will have the benefit of support and direction from the learnings available from this programme. Thank you Steve!

Mark Cooper, Moneywise Financial Management

Thanks this was really useful and extremely informative.  This exceeded my expectations.

Roger Milbourn, Financial Themes

We were both a little sceptical at first as ‘every man and his dog’ seem to be offering some kind of RDR toolkit or proposition for 2013 and beyond. Well how wrong we were….. Steve has completely turned our business on its head in an incredibly short space of time and those circles which we used to spend all our time running around in, have now thankfully become straight roads with a purpose.  All those fabulous business ideas which we tinker with daily and wish could be implemented, are now a reality. Steve listens and “gets it”….. You should do whatever it takes to have him on board as I know we did and haven’t looked back since….

Karl Osmond and Christine O’Mahony, Lighthouse Wealth

Working with Steve has been very uplifting and valuable. He keeps you on task in a disciplined professional manner, asks difficult questions and cares deeply about your business. We have achieved immediate results.

Steve is insightful, has a wealth of knowledge and experience to share and just as importantly is easy to get along with. I have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone keen to develop their business.

Mark Ferris, Chartered Financial Planner

We are a small provincial financial planning practice based in Norfolk. We have been working with Steve Billingham to prepare our business for RDR for just over 3 years now. View full case study here. As a result of implementing the ideas and recommendations Steve has shared with us we have…

  • Grown recurring revenue to 79% of total revenue
  • Developed clear and compelling client propositions that our clients value and are happy to pay for
  • Stopped taking on new proposition clients with less that £250,000 of investable assets
  • More than doubled our Assets Under Management (in a flat market)
  • Increased our AUM by over 900%!
  • Increased our recurring revenue per client by a factor of 10
  • Rediscovered our passion for what we do and the value we add

Having positioned ourselves to thrive in the post RDR environment, we are now focused on growing our business by looking for like-minded advisers to join and ultimately take over the business. Having transformed the way we work and think about our business, we genuinely believe that we can look at the RDR as an “interested observer” as we continue to work with Steve to take our business forward.

If you are serious about getting your business RDR ready, I can only say that Steve’s ideas, tools and templates work. We’re living proof.

Paul Crawford, Crawford Consulting.

“You’ve inspired me in many ways since I’ve started following SB Consulting but your reading of your “Financial Vision” was the best yet as far as I’m concerned.

After reading it, clients couldn’t fail to understand what we’re truly about. I’m just imagining my clients expression as I read their vision back to them”

Gary Phillips, Chartered and Certified Financial Planner
Phillips Financial Planning Ltd.

“If you want/need to take your business to the next level, Steve Billingham is your man.”

Martin Bamford, Informed Choice Ltd

“Thanks again for your time on Wednesday – it really was a very productive day.”

Rebecca Timmins, Partner, Emery Little LLP

Having undertaken a day’s consultancy with Steve Billingham, we were able to implement some quick and productive changes to our business model, along with a refocus on some commercial aspects of our business plans. A very productive session and I was amazed to see a full recoup of Steve’s costs within 10 days. Yes, I do mean 10 days. Thank you to Steve for his wisdom and guidance, well worth the investment to our business.

Keith Churchouse, Director, Churchouse Financial planning

“Just a quick line to say that:-

a)       we had our best income month ever in July

b)       our full year’s income has increased by 40%

Much of this success is because of your input last year and we wanted to acknowledge what an important role you played in turning our business around to where it is now, and also where it is going in the future.

So a massive ‘thank you’ Steve.  We will have no hesitation in calling on you again to assist us with our next growth spurt!”

Peter Dunn, Director, Heritage Financial Advisers

Old habits die hard. In order to make a success of transitioning your business you need to transition yourself; you have to “get your head right” and have a clear vision of the way forward. In a helpful, humorous and engaging way, Steve showed us the lunacy engrained in our then business model and then helped us to set about changing it. We achieve more on each of our “Steve days” than we do on our own in the intervening two months and we really look forward to his visits. The man is a hero. I can’t recommend him enough.

Ivan Hargreaves, Director, Ivan A Hargreaves & Co/Inspired Financial Planning

I thought you delivered an excellent presentation this evening. Thank you very much for a thought provoking and stimulating session. I just love the way my apprenticeship in this business never ceases!!

Nick Bamford, Chief Executive, Informed Choice Ltd

Thank you for an excellent presentation last night. I think all were engaged and inspired by your thoughts, I think the tweets show that. Well done and thank you for your time and energy.

Keith Churchouse, Chairman of Institute of Financial Planning, Surrey Branch

I really look forward to my time with Steve. Besides being objective, he has the ability to analyse and make sense of those “can’t see the wood for the trees” issues and he delivers this with a great sense of humour. His approach somehow really motivates me to get stuck in and by working with him, I have re-established my love for this profession.

Angela Murfitt, Angela Murfitt Financial Strategies.

We recognised that change was necessary and knew where we wanted to be but didn’t have the tools to do it alone. Steve gave us invaluable practical support to manage this process. Once he got his teeth into a project he would not let it go until it was finished. Steve’s hands on, direct but very personal approach is hugely responsible for the enormous progress we have made with our business, taking it to a much higher level.

Peter Dunn, Director, Heritage Financial Advisers

Steve was an excellent speaker… first class. More of the same please!!

Phil Illingworth Dip PFS AIFP, Director
Prescience Wealth Management

Steve was an excellent and thought provoking speaker.

John Dowson
Russell Investments

I have made lots of notes. Steve presents in an extremely interesting and light hearted way making the morning interesting to listen to. It was well worth the time I committed today.

Helen Tandy – IFA and Marketing/Business Development Manager
The GAEIA Partnership

Very good speaker. Down to earth and kept my attention.

John Williams Dip PFS, Crawford Williams Financial Planning