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Where are all our leaders?

England’s dismal display at the Euros against Iceleand and the distinct lack of leadership being shown by all our politicians (with the possible exception of Nicola Sturgeon) post the EU referendum got me reflecting on the importance of effective leadership. What we need now is a leader of Churchillian character that can put the good of the UK ahead of self.

Once again, we can turn to the great leaders in the business world for an idea of what might be required right now.

When Sheelagh Whittaker became CEO of EDS Canada, she prepared a series of provocative thoughts on leadership for her new boss. Useful thoughts on which anyone in a position of leadership (sporting, business, charity or public sector) should maybe reflect.

  • A leader with vision and passion can transform a division, a corporation or a nation.
  • No one person is so brilliant that his or her ideas cannot be improved by trading thoughts with another smart person.
  • Decisiveness is not the same as being certain. I am often decisive; I am seldom certain.
  • It is important to remember that people’s behaviour towards you is not necessarily about you.
  • Those who violate your trust are the losers. An appropriate response is not to cease trust, but to place your trust elsewhere.
  • Unless you are sometimes prepared to change everything, you may end up with nothing.
  • You can get a lot more done with a few good people than you can get done with those same people hindered by some additional, unmotivated, misdirected or plain lazy colleagues.

What are your tips for effective leadership?

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